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Top 6 Tips for a Successful Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

[h1]Top 6 tips for a successful Chapter 13 Bankruptcy[/h1] Chapter 13 bankruptcy is hard.  Over the last twenty years as an Illinois bankruptcy attorney I … [Read more...]

Stop Creditors Cold with the Automatic Stay!

Stop Creditors Cold with the Automatic Stay! The minute your bankruptcy petition is filed, the the automatic stay goes into immediate effect and stops … [Read more...]

Pre-bankruptcy Shopping Spree and Discharge

Pre-bankruptcy Shopping Spree and Your Discharge It might be tempting to go shopping and max out your credit cards right before you file bankruptcy. Why not, … [Read more...]

Mortgage Modification Illinois: Home Loans From Hell by Dan Rather

Mortgage Modification in Illinois Thinking of mortgage modification in Aurora, Illinois?  Watch this video by Dan Rather Mortgage Modification Illinois: … [Read more...]

How Long Will Bankruptcy Screw Up My Credit Rating?

Your credit score should not be your primary concern when you file bankruptcy in Illinois. Your credit score is very likely already poor and bankruptcy can … [Read more...]

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