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Prospective Clients

Prospective Clients

What You Mean to Us

We understand that you or a loved one is experiencing difficult financial times. Every day we hear on the news every day, that there are many good honest people who are experiencing financial problems. We are here to help.

Our Goal and Commitment

Our law office provides professional, personal service to you and your loved ones. Bankruptcy is a legal and honest way to eliminate most of your debts and start fresh with a new stronger financial life. As you will see, there are many bankruptcy myths. You can usually keep your property and most people are able to obtain credit soon after their bankruptcy is discharged and final.

Although the bankruptcy process is complex, we want you to be an informed client, so we have provided pages of information for you to review prior to your free consultation. After you have reviewed this information, contact us, to set up your free consultation to discuss your options for eliminating your debts. Your initial consultation appointment will take approximately 30 minutes. If you decide to sign a contract and obtain the paperwork necessary to proceed with the bankruptcy, you should allow an additional 15 to 20 minutes.

We also understand that because times are tough, funds are limited. That’s why we set up an Easy Payment Plan with all of our clients for your attorney fees. Through our Easy Payment Plan, YOU set the payment schedule for your attorney fees based on your income and how often you get paid. After you have paid the attorney fees, federal court filing fee, completed and paid the credit counseling fee, submitted the proper paperwork and met with an attorney at Covey Bankruptcy Law, your case will be filed with the Court and you can begin your fresh start and a new financial life.

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