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New Means Test Income Numbers Effective November 1, 2012

New Bankruptcy Means Test Income Numbers Effective November 1, 2012. The new income numbers are used to complete the Means Test and determine whether or not a person qualifies to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Illinois and other states will be … [Read more]

Building Your Credit Score Guide

Your Credit Score can have an impact on many things in your life including your job, home, and insurance. Those with little to no credit can find the process of rebuilding credit after bankruptcy daunting. However, it is vital to ensuring your … [Read more]

Law firm to pay $2.1M settlement in debt settlement scam

The Chicago Tribune reports that Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan said the state has settled a lawsuit it filed against a Chicago-based law firm alleging that it unlawfully charged consumers upfront fees to provide debt settlement services with … [Read more]

We do one thing – Bankruptcy

At the Covey Bankruptcy Law Firm, P.C. we do one thing, bankruptcy. By focusing on personal and business bankruptcy, we can give our clients the peace of mind of working with a bankruptcy professional that understands every facet of the bankruptcy … [Read more]

We Are A Different Law Firm

From the moment you sit down with Aurora bankruptcy attorney Bradley Covey for your free consultation, you will see that we are a different kind of law firm. Your consultation lasts until all your questions have been answered. We won’t be looking at … [Read more]

We Will Be Honest With You

If we don’t think bankruptcy is your best option we will tell you. If we don’t think we are the best firm  to meet your needs we will refer you to someone else. Of course we want your business, but our primary concern is making sure that your problem … [Read more]

With You All The Way

Our commitment to client service lasts throughout your case.  You will be able to talk to your attorney at any time you need.  When it comes time for you to  appear at the meeting of creditors, Brad will be there with you. If a creditor decides to … [Read more]

Call Us When You Are Ready

Before you know it you’ll be on your way to a fresh financial start.  Take a look around our site you’ll find answers to most of your bankruptcy questions.  When you are ready to sit down with Brad simply give us a call to set a time that is … [Read more]

7 Reasons Why Chapter 7 is Better Than Chapter 13

7 Reasons Why Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is Better Than Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Chapter 7 is better than Chapter 13 and here is why. For most people who are looking to file bankruptcy the choice really comes down to filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a … [Read more]

Loan Modification Scams

ARDC ALERT! Attorney Ethics Alert from the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) regarding Loan Modification Scams If you are considering a Loan Modification in Illinois beware of Scammers Recruiting Lawyers. This … [Read more]

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