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The ONE thing to know about your credit report – Video

Is there a mistake on your credit report? Do you know the ONE thing you should do to get your full credit history? If you can't see the video click here On the broadcast this week, Steve Kroft reported on the astounding number of Americans (40 … [Read more]

Five Ways Not To Pay Tax on 1099c Forgiveness of Debt

1099-c What to Do and What Does It Mean? What are the 1099c filing requirements? There are Five Ways Not To Pay Tax on 1099c Forgiveness of Debt Every January with the deadline for filing tax returns just around the corner, W-2s and 1099s start … [Read more]

Mortgage Loan Modification Ruined My Credit (video)

  Money Secrets Revealed: Mortgage Loan Modification Video by Suze Ormon In this video Suze answers a question about Loan Modifications and Credit Mortgage Loan modifications lessen payments but "late" status lowers your FICO score (credit … [Read more]

Short Sale or Foreclosure Better? Illinois (video)

Short Sale or Foreclosure Video Is a Short Sale or Foreclosure Better? Watch this video for the truth as told by Suze Ormon on OWN. In this video Suze discusses how short sales and foreclosures affect … [Read more]

Bankruptcy Intervention (Video)

Ultimate Money Lessons: A Bankruptcy Intervention Suze talks with couple Marko and Maureen who are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. This couple has been struggling for years but have not wanted to file for bankruptcy. With the aid of his … [Read more]

What Is A Good Credit Score

Have you ever wondered what a good credit score is?  The credit score scale ranges from 300 to 850 and a good credit score is anything above 720.  To help you visualize the credit score range here is an infographic from 300-550: … [Read more]

How foreclosure settlement affects borrowers

  Foreclosure Settlement: 10 Banks settle foreclosure charges for $8.5 billion!     Foreclosure Settlement Highlights Banks, mortgage companies will pay $3.3 billion to borrowers, $5.2 billion in mortgage … [Read more]

Veterans Day News – Video Honors Bankruptcy Court Clerk Who Made General

As a former U.S. Army Officer I was very pleased to see the U.S. Courts honoring Marcia Anderson.  Marcia Anderson is the bankruptcy clerk of court for the Western District of Wisconsin. She also is the nation's first female African American major … [Read more]

Debt Settlement 5 Warning Signs

If you’ve maxed out your credit cards and don’t know how you’re going to pay off your debts, you may think that a company that promises to erase the debt for pennies on the dollar is the answer to your prayers. Not true! Debt settlement can be risky, … [Read more]

The Easiest Way To Learn How To Deal With Debt Collectors In Only 2 Minutes (video)

Are you behind in paying your bills, then you can expect to hear from a debt collector. A debt collector is someone, other than the creditor, who regularly collects debts owed to someone else. Attorneys who collect debts on a regular basis are also … [Read more]

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