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Bankruptcy Fees

Illinois Bankruptcy Attorney Fees

As an Illinois bankruptcy attorney, the first question I am often asked is “What are your bankruptcy fees?”  Many people who call our office will be the cost of their bankruptcy will be without seeing the necessity of coming in for a consultation. 

We’ve also seen our competitor’s advertisements on TV or heard them on the radio spouting prices, so we completely understand that specific question. “Call us now, no money down.” “We can do your bankruptcy for $995.” “$300 to start your bankruptcy.” We’ve heard them all. We’ve discussed this, and simply can’t figure out how those law firms do what they do. We’ve even spent time reading the small print in the ads, and because we’ve heard stories from clients, we know for a fact, there’s a catch to most of these offers. Frankly, we’re not comfortable with the concept of “hard-sell” lawyering, so we just avoid it.

If giving our clients a “one size fits all” pricing for our bankruptcy fees, we certainly would do it! In all honesty, it would be easier. You wouldn’t have to come in to speak to a lawyer. It wouldn’t require the one hour of meeting time to discover exactly what your situation is and how the law might apply to you. If we did a one size fits all pricing you might not even have to talk to a lawyer – you could talk to a paralegal and never even see a lawyer. Well, we just can’t do that type of business. We look at it this way: If I were on the other side of the desk and coming to see a law firm for a problem that was making me lose sleep, I would want to see a lawyer not a paralegal. And, we know that if it’s bad enough for you to be reading this website, then, truly, it’s bad for you. The people who come to see us need help, serious help, and its important for us to not take advantage of them.

So back to the initial point: the only way we can know how much our bankruptcy fees will be for  your bankruptcy is for you to come in, sit down face to face and discuss your individual situation. One’s financial situation is kind of like weight loss: sometimes they need to lose 10 pounds, sometimes they need to lose 150 pounds. You’ve probably had lose weight at one time or another. The plan of attack varies from case to case. Sometimes all you need to do is cut out the sodas, other times well, Jenny Craig….to surgery. When you have a consultation with us, we can promise you is that the bankruptcy fees that we quote it will be fair. We are not the most expensive law firm in town nor are we the cheapest. But we’re certainly one of the most thorough firms you’ll find. We take that hour consultation and use it to your advantage, and then price your personal case directly in line with your situation.

How do you know if you really need to file bankruptcy?

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