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Bankruptcy Attorney Brad Covey

Illinois Bankruptcy Attorney Brad Covey

Illinois Bankruptcy Attorney Bradley Covey

Illinois Bankruptcy Lawyer Bradley Covey

I can help you. Illinois Bankruptcy is all I do.
I understand financial difficulties are among life’s most challenging problems. Many would be surprised to learn that most people in bankruptcy in Illinois are generally financially responsible people that have simply come upon hard times.  A job has been lost, pay decreased, and often debt sky rockets because of a sickness and that results in a mountain of medical bills.  You feel terrible, stressed out, embarrassed, and worse, you feel hopeless.

There is a way out.  You can have financial peace again.  I have dedicated my career to helping those who struggle with debt and financial setbacks.  Many are unaware of the powerful protections and relief that bankruptcy law provides in rebuilding their financial lives.

Military:  I first became interested in the law during my third year in the army.  I was a lieutenant in the field artillery stationed in Ft. Stewart, Georgia with the 24th Infantry Division 24th Infantry Division Army CSIB.  I remember being in the middle of the swamps at about 4:00 am after being up for nearly three days and I thought to myself that this might not be the best career for me.

Law School:  Since my family has been bankruptcy lawyers for three generations it seemed obvious that I would attend law school and become a bankruptcy attorney.  So, I left the army and attended law school at Northern Illinois University College of Law.  At NIU I studied bankruptcy law under the Honorable Richard N. Degunther a nationally known expert in bankruptcy law.  This unique experience was a tremendous opportunity to learn from a preeminent scholar and accomplished author in the field of bankruptcy.

Undergraduate Work

I graduated from  where I received a degree in Journalism and a minor in Marketing.  While at SIU I played wing forward for their rugby club.  I enjoyed rugby and even played a few years after law school.

Professional Memberships

I am a member of the State Bar of Illinois and the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

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I am a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA), the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI), and the National Association of Consumer Attorneys (NACA), the Kane County Bar Association, and the DuPage County Bar Association.  Why should this matter to you?  I attend conferences through the year by these organizations that keep me up to date on the latest in court developments and bankruptcy trends nationwide.  This means I will be prepared to handle issues that may arise in your case.  Bankruptcy law is a complex area of law that is continually changing.  You need a bankruptcy attorney who is committed to staying up to date and fully understands the bankruptcy process.


I grew up in Illinois as did my wife.  My wife is also an attorney and we have two sons.


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Illinois Bankruptcy Attorney
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