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Choosing Illinois Bankruptcy Attorney

Choosing Illinois Bankruptcy Attorney?

If you live in Illinois and want to keep this really simple, you can just hire me. But for a more objective approach, first and most obviously, you’ll want to select an attorney who is an active member of his or her state bar, is admitted to practice before the federal court in his or her bankruptcy court jurisdiction, and actually practices in the bankruptcy court, like me (that was subtle, too, wasn’t it?). That doesn’t narrow the field very much, though. Next, you’ll want to be sure the attorney is in good standing with his or her state Bar Association.

In Illinois, you can find that out at the Illinois State Bar Association web site and at AVVO. You can determine from information available on the site whether an attorney you are considering has a record of public discipline by the Bar Association. For instance, you wouldn’t want to hire an attorney who has been disciplined for failing to file documents on time, missed deadlines, or who doesn’t show up at court! (Really! These things do happen!) You might respond to an advertisement on television. While you may receive adequate service from the firm pitching to you on TV, remember that television ads are expensive and the cost must be passed on to the clients. Translation: you are likely to pay more.

And, if it is personal service you value most highly, I offer the highest level of personal attention and service. I meet personally with each client. Unless there is a conflict with some other important event on calendar, I appear personally with each client in all bankruptcy proceedings. If a client calls my office with a question, I personally return the phone call. Of course, I hope you will choose me and my office in Batavia, Aurora, Elgin, Plainfield or Wheaton to help you if you are contemplating bankruptcy.

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