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Credit Card Calculator

A credit card calculator to help you decide about personal bankruptcy and debt relief

Credit Card Payment Calculator

This will calculate how much you have to pay every month to eliminate your credit card balance in a certain amount of time. It will also calculate the amount of interest you will have paid during that time.

As an Illinois bankruptcy attorney, I see people usually wait too long to file bankruptcy. They wait so long, that it starts to wear on the people and the relationships around them. The financial burden affects their job performance, their marriage and self-image. When people come to my office many of them wonder: is this all really necessary? Can I get out of this financial challenge on my own? It’s a fair question. We provided for you a resource to help  answer that question,” a credit card calculator”.  This way you can begin to get some idea of how long it would take you to pay back your credit cards at a payment you could afford.

The best way though to get complete financial information is for you to come in for a free consultation. When you come in, I can take the time to fully understand your complete financial situation. I will give you complete information to help you start getting past this challenge your life.

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