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I’ve Signed A Retainer, Now What?

I’ve Signed a Retainer

Now What Should I Do?

Thank you for choosing Covey Bankruptcy Law Firm. We know there are other attorneys in Kane, DuPage and Kendall Counties, and the surrounding areas you could have chosen. We know this is a difficult time for you, and our staff will do everything possible to make this process as easy as possible. Unfortunately, there is a lot of information required to prepare your bankruptcy filing, and you possess that information. We cannot file your bankruptcy until the required information is provided and you meet with an attorney at Covey Bankruptcy Law Firm, P.C. to sign your paperwork!

What Happens After I Sign?

  • Completing Your Questionnaire
  • Turning in Your Questionnaire and Supporting Documents to Our Office
  • Preparing for Your Signing Appointment

Supporting Documents should be Submitted with Your Bankruptcy Questionnaire

Completing Your Questionnaire

First, you must complete the questionnaire you were given when you met with Attorney Brad Covey.  As you complete the questionnaire, please review each question and answer it to the best of your ability or put N/A if the question does not apply to you. As you go through the questionnaire, you may have questions. We suggest you complete as much of the questionnaire as possible and make a list of all your questions. At that point, you may want to contact our office at 630-879-9559 or if you only have a few questions, you may want to ask those questions when you turn in your questionnaire and/or supporting paperwork. It will take you at least 1 – 2 hours to complete your questionnaire.

Next, included in the folder Brad gave you, is a Quick Start Guide that has a list of additional information the court requires we obtain from you.  Don’t forget, you may obtain a free credit report from if you have not received a credit report from the site in the past year. It is highly recommended that you check your credit report before you complete your questionnaire. However, not all of your creditors will be listed on your credit report. You should use the credit report to refresh your memory of creditors you may have forgotten.

Turn In Your Questionnaire and Supporting Documents to Our Office

Once you have completed your questionnaire, and have the additional information outlined in the Quick Start Guide, you should turn them in to our office. You do not need an appointment to turn in your questionnaire and/or supporting paperwork. We are open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Friday. A staff member will quickly review your workbook and additional information to see if there are any major items missing. If your questionnaire is not completed or information is missing, the staff member will not accept it, and this will delay the filing of your bankruptcy. At this time, you must pay or have paid at least $500 of your attorney fees. The attorney fee can be paid with cash, personal check made payable to Covey Law Firm, P.C., or with a Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover (as long as it is not your card).  These fees are earned when paid and are not refundable. The remaining attorney fees will be due before you meet with Attorney Brad Covey at the signing appointment. It may take 7-10 days for us to prepare the paperwork and resolve outstanding items before your appointment with Brad. If you have a business, it may take longer. Therefore, if you have a deadline to file your bankruptcy, e.g., house is being foreclosed on, car is about to be repossessed, creditor is about to obtain a judgment, etc., you must factor in the time for our office to prepare your bankruptcy paperwork.

Preparing for Your Signing Appointment

Once your bankruptcy paperwork is turned into our office, someone will either email or call you with questions and additional information needed before your signing appointment. After all questions are answered and information is provided, you will be scheduled an appointment to meet with Attorney Brad Covey and sign your bankruptcy petition and schedules. Please do not be late for your appointment. You should plan to be at our office for approximately ½ hours. You will review the details of your bankruptcy with Brad and you will sign your paperwork.  Remember, you must pay all attorney fees and costs prior to the signing appointment. Unless there is a joint decision to hold your filing, your bankruptcy will probably be filed seven days of your signing appointment. At your signing appointment, you will be given instructions about what will happen next or you can review the website for Now That You’ve Filed, Now What?.

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