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Bankruptcy Attorney Guarantees Aurora – Elgin

Bankruptcy Lawyer Brad Covey

Illinois Bankruptcy Attorney Brad Covey

Our 6 Attorney Guarantees

  • Complete legal analysis
  • Complete Confidentiality
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • The Bankruptcy court will accept your case
  • Instant relief from creditors
  • You will get your discharge



Attorney Guarantee #1:  Complete Legal Analysis
When you make your appointment for your free consultation I will do a complete legal analysis of your  situation. I will not cut corners. You will speak to me – Brad Covey.   I have extensive experience in Illinois bankruptcy law. In this meeting I will evaluate your situation and make recommendations as to bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options.  If I think you should not file bankruptcy I will tell you.

Attorney Guarantee #2:  Complete confidentiality
I guarantee that when you come and speak with me about your financial situation you will receive complete confidentiality from my staff and me. What you say in my office will stay in my office. There is no reason to be embarrassed or worried about any of your financial information ever leaving my office; unless you decide to file bankruptcy (then financial information will become public record).

Attorney Guarantee #3:  100% Money Back Guarantee
When you have retained the Covey Bankruptcy Law Firm, P.C. for a bankruptcy filing I will guarantee for the next 15 days that you can ask for your money back for any reason. There will be no questions asked. I want you to be happy with your decision.

Attorney Guarantee #4:  The Bankruptcy Court Will Accept Your Case
I guarantee that if I accept your case to be filed, that the Bankruptcy court will accept your case. You are guaranteed that as long as you have provided for me all the paperwork / information that I need and are honest and forthright with that information, that your case will be accepted as filed. I will refund you 100% of your money if the court does not accept your case. Furthermore, I will also pay the filing fee if a case is rejected. I am THAT confident that I can support this claim because I have never had it happen.

Attorney Guarantee #5:  Instant Relief From Creditors
Once you have retained me, you will receive instant relief from creditors. They will know that the “game is over” and they cannot harass you anymore. If they do call you, I will call them to let them know you are represented by an attorney and what they are doing is in violation of federal law.

Attorney Guarantee #6:  You Will Get Your Discharge
When you’ve retained the Covey Bankruptcy Law Firm, P.C, I will guarantee that you will get your bankruptcy discharge. If you’ve done what’s required of you to file bankruptcy and if you are completely honest with us about your financial situation, and have done all that the bankruptcy courts have required then I promise I will stick with you all the way to the end. Understanding that you have not hidden anything from the courts, the trustees, or my office, I guarantee you will get your discharge. You can rest and leave the hard work to me.

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